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Spine Orthopedic Back Stretcher

Spine Orthopedic Back Stretcher

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Significantly Improve Lower Back Pain & Restless Legs at Night:

Having a bad back prevents you from doing activities that you love, and affects the rest of your body. With just 5-10 minutes a day using Spine Back Cracker board, you can completely change your life and relieve your back of its pain and stress.
Taking care of your back has never been easier. Use Spine Back Stretcher to improve your posture while sitting, or to ease your back pain laying down. Not only this, this back stretcher board helps with restless legs at night by providing significant back stretch for just couple of minutes a day.

Say Goodbye to expensive Chiropractor Procedures!

 Our spine board back stretching device has acupuncture effects, allowing you to relieve chronic back pain and loosen up your tight muscles. Whether you have scoliosis, sciatic pain, arthritic back, restless legs, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc or muscle tension, this spine board works wonder to help ease significant pain.

Multi - Level Back Stretching Device:

The back cracker has 3 adjustable settings for use so that fit for all ages and ability. You can fix this lumbar support stretcher at the most comfortable level for easy stretching and effective pain relief.

Snap, Crack & Pop Your Back!

Get rid of back tension and pain with thefineparts™ Back Cracker Board. Use between shoulders and on lower back for as little as 5 minutes and feel pop and stretch with the significant relief of pain. 

"I was tired of having backaches all day so I made the change and use Spine Back Stretcher. It is amazing how much better my back feels from using this. Highly recommend"

- Christina R.


  • Relaxation and Relief - Professionally tested, JustSpine™ is able to help relieve tension, treating pain from muscle spasms, pinched nerves, herniated discs, sciatica, degeneration, tight knots, excessive flexion and more! 

  • As Little As 5 Minutes A Day - Lay on JustSpine™ for 5-10 minutes a day and gradually watch your back pain disappear.
  • Improve Posture - Our stretcher can be used whenever you are lying down or sitting. For example, it can be placed on a chair to help sitting posture, or a car seat to serve as lumbar support for car that helps reduce tiredness especially for long road trips.
  • Adjustable Stretch Level - Our board has 3 adjustable height levels for the ultimate back stretch. The higher the level, the harder the stretch.
  • Stable & Durable - JustSpine™ is designed to withstand up to 200kg/450lbs and not bend nor break. If yours breaks, we will send you a new one for free

"Using Spine Back Stretcher for 5-10 minutes a day has made my back feel so much better. I am able to now do my favorite activities without the stress of back pain!"

- Emily S.


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